RCM Official Piano Syllabus

RCM Piano Exam SyllabusThe RCM Official Piano Syllabus: An Important Resource for Piano Teachers

The RCM Piano Syllabus is essential for teachers preparing students for RCM Examinations (Canada).  The Piano Syllabus outlines the piano curriculum for Preparatory to ARCT levels, including an extensive listing of repertoire from all eras and a comprehensive bibliography.

If you are involved in the RCM or the Achievement Program piano exams, the most important book you ought to have in your piano library is … .. Official Syllabi of The Royal Conservatory of Music: Piano Syllabus.

Here’s 3 important reasons why:

1. Like a GPS, it is a guide you can trust.

The Piano Syllabus by the RCM shows you everything you need to know on how to best prepare for your piano exams, including detailed information about repertoire choices, technical and ear test requirements, pre-requisites, point/mark information, and other essential aspects. Without it, you stand the risk of not covering all the bases before attempting an examination.

2. It will help you familiarize yourself with the exam system.

The RCM piano exams can be challenging. But with the Official Piano Syllabus, you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the exams, and what is expected of you.

3. It gives you options. Many options.

Often piano students and teachers choose repertoire already provided in the Celebration Series Perspectives. However, the Official Piano Syllabus lists MANY more options for your repertoire and etude choices, including substitutions with Popular Selections. (Teachers: when you feel that students perhaps need more accessible (or enjoyable!) pieces to attempt, the comprehensive list of other repertoire choices may be a student-saver!)

For copyright reasons, this official RCM Syllabus is not available for viewing online.

RCM Piano Exam Syllabus