Grade 10

Overview of Grade 10

  • the highest graded level before the ARCT diploma
  • 3- and 4-part contrapuntal texture
  • contrasting movements of Classical sonatas
  • technically and interpretively demanding Romantic and contemporary character pieces
  • a Popular selection from the Popular Selection List may be substituted for one study/etude
  • Pianists who plan to enroll for the ARCT in Piano Performance must include a Prelude and Fugue by J.S. Bach in their Grade 10 exam program

Books you need to prepare for Grade 10 Piano Exam

Grade 10 Requirements Points
Repertoire 56 (39)*
One selection from List A: Works of J.S. Bach 12 (1.5)
One selection from List B: Classical Repertoire 14 (1.5)
One selection from List C: Romantic Repertoire 10 (1)
One selection from List D: Post-Romantic, early 20th century Repertoire 10 (1)
One selection from List E: 20th and 20th century Repertoire 10 (1)
Memory (the figures in parentheses indicate points awarded for memory) 6
Technical Requirements 24 (17)*
Studies/Etudes:  two studies/etudes from the Syllabus list 6+6
Technical Tests 12
Ear Tests





10 (7)*





Sight Reading



10 (7)*



Total possible points (pass=60) – also see note below 100

*Grade 10 candidates who intend to pursue the ARCT in Piano Performance or the ARCT in Piano Pedagogy must achieve either an overall score of 75 or a minimum of 70% in each section of the Grade 10 piano exam. Figures in bold parentheses next to the total points allotted for each section indicate the minimum number of points required to achieve 70 percent.


Depending on how you score in the piano exam, you will be awarded various achievements:

90-100 points First Class Honors with Distinction
80-89 points First Class Honors
70-79 points Honors
60-69 points Pass


Your Choice: At the exam, you may choose to begin with either the Repertoire or the Technical Requirements; the Ear Test and Sight Reading will be conducted at the end of the exam

Theory Co-requisites:

  • Advanced Rudiments
  • History 1: An Overview
  • History 2: Middle Ages to Classical
  • Intermediate Harmony or Intermediate Keyboard Harmony

A full list of examination pieces can be found in the 2008 Edition, Piano Syllabus which you can purchase by clicking this link. It’s a resource every piano teacher should have!

RCM Piano Exam Syllabus